SOL Sighting Compass With Mirror

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The SOL Sighting Compass With Mirror

The SOL Sighting Compass allows you to take precise navigational readings while keeping your eye on the trail in front of you. For improved accuracy, adjust the declination with the included tool.

With inch, millimetre, and ratio measurements on one tool, you can get accurate readings on any map. Use the magnifying glass to identify key waypoints and the glow-in-the-dark features for twilight navigation. Align your adventure with the index lines and orientation lines. Keep around your neck or attach to gear with the breakaway lanyard. Northern hemisphere only.

Clear Navigation – Liquid filled, adjustable bezel, index lines, and orienting arrows keep you headed in the right direction
Sighting Mirror – Allows for precise bearings and doubles as an emergency signal mirror
Declination – Adjust the declination with the included tool to improve accuracy
Night Visibility – The bezel, waypoints, index line, magnetic needle, and orientation arrows glow in the dark
Rulers & Ratios – Edges have inch and millimetre rulers with ratios for use on any map
Extended Base Plate with Magnifier - easily read map details and plot route
Clinometer — Measure slope angles
Intended for use in the northern hemisphere only

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