SOL 550 Reflective Tinder Cord, 50 ft

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The SOL  550 Reflective Tinder Cord, 50 ft

The Fire Lite Tinder Cord 550 Grade has 7 strands with a durable nylon outer sheath and an ignitable waxed cotton inner
core. The diameter is perfect for tying down your gear and durable enough to take on any adventure. The 50 ft length is a
great addition to an emergency kit.

Includes 1 Tinder Cord, 50 ft to add to your camping accessories or outdoor survival kit.
Made of 550 polyester cord with reflective strand and flammable waxed cotton tinder core.
Multi-use tinder cord can function as a lanyard, spare rope or fire starter tinder for campfires
Use Fire Lite cord as fire tinder by exposing the flammable waxed cotton core; ignite with a spark.
Great addition to camping accessories, hiking gear, survival gear, emergency supplies, and more.

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