Ruffwear Double Track Dog Lead Coupler-Basalt Gray

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The Ruffwear Double Track Dog Lead Coupler in Basalt Gray

The Double Track Coupler doubles down on connection to turn a single lead into the ultimate multi-dog setup. It’s a lead adapter that allows easy, tangle-free walking of two dogs.

Wavelength™ stretch webbing absorbs shock, providing a smooth and comfortable experience for both dogs and their humans. The swiveling lockable Crux Clip™ provides strong and secure attachment and helps minimize lead twisting.

What's New: Updated engineered Wavelength™ webbing for improved elastic longevity.

Length Per Side: 12-19 in (30-48 cm)

Adapt a single lead to a two-dog walking system by clipping to the aluminum V-ring.

Wavelength™ webbing absorbs shock.

Swiveling lockable Crux Clip™️ for a light, strong connection.

Adapt a single lead to a two-dog walking system by clipping to the aluminum V-ring
Wavelength™ webbing absorbs shock
Swiveling lockable Crux Clips™️ for a light, strong connection

Engineered polypropylene webbing
Elastic core: natural latex rubber
Single-piece, anodized aluminum V-ring
Two anodized 6061-T6 aluminum Crux Clips™️
Made in Vietnam

Hand wash
Mild detergent
Air dry

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