NiteIze SlideLock KeyRack S-Biner

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The NiteIze SlideLock KeyRack S-Biner

This durable, stainless steel key chain features an innovative slide-to-lock mechanism and pairs it with five of our stainless steel S-Biner MicroLocks that make it easy to attach, remove, and secure your keys.

The wide-gated, locking carabiner body means you can connect your keys to just about any convenient strap, hook, or belt loop with confidence.

This stainless steel KeyRack features our larger size #4 SlideLock Carabiner and pairs it with five of our favorite stainless steel S-Biner MicroLocks that securely hold two keys apiece and make it easy to attach and detach them with a simple twist to lock and unlock.

The wide-gated #4 Carabiner body features the innovative Nite Ize slide-to-lock mechanism and allows you to securely attach your KeyRack to just about any convenient strap, hook, or belt loop.

NiteIze SlideLock KeyRack S-Biner
#4 stainless steel locking-carabiner body
Five stainless steel S-Biner MicroLocks with center locking-lever
Easy to attach and remove keys
Heavy duty construction of high quality Stainless Steel components
Each stainless steel S-Biner MicroLock holds up to two keys
Dimensions: 2" x 4.3" x .6" | 52mm x 110mm x 15mm
Weight: 2oz | 57g

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