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The Berghaus FLT Heros 35 FA IR in Stone Grey Olive

Heros 35 is a versatile combat pack. The flexible back panel with an in length adjustable shoulder harness folds smoothly over an ops vest. Big enough to carry all necessary combat equipment, small enough not to obstruct movements. The hip belt can be stowed in a garage on each side to optimize movability. Made from 560 dtex Cordura meeting the Bundeswehr requirements TL 8305-0278TL 8305-0278

Fabric: Cordura 560 dtex TL 8305-0278

Capacity: 35L

Weight: approx. 1.40kg

Dimensions: approx. 60cm (H) x 30 (W) x 30cm (D)

Back panel with ventilation channel
Front access (FA)
Side compression straps
Adjustable shoulder harness
“Garage” for stowage of the hip belt
Hip belt tightens by pulling two straps in a forward direction

FLT is the latest development from the Berghaus Tactical range of load carrying products. Military personnel on foot is suffering from increasing weight of combat equipment, often affecting awareness in a negative way. The development for light weight load carrying system (LCS) contributes to a higher performance level of the soldiers without sacrificing on key features and the comfortable load transfer which Berghaus Tactical LCS are known for.

The fabric, a 560 dtex polyamide, used for the FLT range of products meets the requirements of the Bundeswehr TL 8305-0278hr TL 8305-0278, , including a high end infrared protection.

The rucsacs can be customised with a wide range of smart accessories allowing operators to customise their rucsac for any specific mission. Different size (side) pockets, functional pockets, internal organiser pads and stash pack are making the FLT range to a comprehensive LCS.

The accessories all have Accessory Connector Hooks (ACH). ACH are specific designed hardened aluminium hooks with which accessories can be attached or removed quickly. With the ACH application, operators are not limited to use the zippers from the side pockets for attachment of pockets only. ACH offers besides side pockets additional possibilities for attachment of functional pockets at the same time.

The inside of the FLT rucsacs have to webbing loops for integration of a functional organiser and or radio pad. A foldable stash pack can also be hung inside. The stash pocket can be used to hold smaller equipment when attached on the webbing loops, or stand-alone as an ultra light weight rucsac.

FLT is a major step forward to the agility of operators. Light at and fast !

Compatible Products

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FLT Hydration Pocket IR
FLT Organiser Pocket IR
FLT Medic Pocket IR
FLT Radio Pad IR
FLT Molle Pad IR
FLT Organiser Pad IR

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