1000 Mile Compression Single Layer Men's Sock-Black

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Size: Small UK 3-5.5
Colour: Black
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The 1000 Mile Compression Single Layer Men's Sock in Black

The 1000 Mile Compression Sock provide graduated compression that accelerates blood circulation. This helps for muscle recovery and reducing toxins to prevent muscle cramps.

As a result of the increased blood circulation you can reduce the build up of lactic acid in the lower legs and prevent muscle oscillation with the 1000 Mile Compression sock. This helps to minimise muscle fatigue and soreness.

The Graduated Compression Technology works by providing a decreasing degree of pressure on the legs. This single layer sock improves circulation to move old blood out and new oxygenated blood into the region. By doing so, this reduces muscle fatigue, minimises swelling and speeds recovery.

The arch and ankle bracing give additional support to the foot whilst the padded heel, ball and toe areas give protection and comfort during wear.

The ultra flat toe seam reduces friction around the top of the toes and fitted heel all provides a more custom fit.

Recovery - Provides gentle support to assist with ankle injuries and helps with rehabilitation.

Comfort - Easy to wear, for all-day comfort. Flat toe seam reduces irritation.

Targeted Compression - Targeted Compression zones cover ankle, arch and Achille's Tendon

Roll sock back on itself and slide it onto your foot, checking heel is in the correct position.
Using both hands, stretch sock width ways and gradually unroll it up your leg. Avoid pulling on the fabric as much as possible.
Smooth out any wrinkles in the fabric by rubbing on your calf

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