Tifosi Alliant Enliven Bike Red Lens Sunglasses-Crystal Black/Enliven Bike Red


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The Tifosi Alliant Enliven Bike Red Lens Sunglasses in Crystal Black/Enliven Bike Red

The Alliant offers a multi-vented half frame design to take your performance to the next level. Using an innovative, highly ventilated shield lens design, the Alliant is undoubtedly the model of choice for the ultimate competitor.

Spot hazards, read textures and experience a more vivid ride with Enliven Bike.

Tifosi’s new Enliven Bike lenses use Colour Capture Technology to fine tune the wavelengths of light that matter most – making greens, reds and blues all pop with definition.

Regular colour-tinted lenses enhance some colours but distort others, but Tifosi’s Enliven Colour Capture Technology enhances all of the key colours without distortion.

Includes a zipped hardshell case and a microfibre cleaning pouch.

Fits L-XL face size
30 grams
Compatible with the RX03A optical adapter


Grilamid TR-90 Frame - Light & Durable Nylon Material
Glare Guard - Reduces Eye Strain
Polycarbonate Lens - Scratch-Resistant And Shatterproof Material
Hydrophilic Rubber - Increased Grip For Security, Even When You Sweat
UV Protection - Eye Protection From UVA/UVB Rays
Vented Lenses - Airflow To Prevent Fogging
Optically Decentred - Eliminated Distortion And Magnification
Adjustable Ear Pieces - Limits Slippage And Increases Comfort
Adjustable Nose Pieces - Limits Slippage & Increases Comfort
Case Included - Zippered Case & Cleaning Bag

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