Sorbothane Double Strike 30% Lighter Insole

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SorbothaneSKU: SP1531/5-6.5

Size: UK 5-6.5
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Sorbothane Double Strike 30% Lighter Insole has a moulded and shaped design with an integral arch support.

This provides optimum protection to the heel and the forefoot area of the foot, and prevents arch pain and fallen arches.

The unique design of the Sorbothane Double Strike insole means it is ideal for activities where the forefoot and heel are subjected to high impact.

They are suitable for sport, leisure and outdoor footwear, and can be used for everyday activities, or for exercising or playing sports.

Replace your original insole with a Sorbothane insole and experience the benefits of a more effective solution to protecting your feet.

Also includes the New Nano Silver Technology

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