Smell Well Laundry Capsules (12)

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Smell Well Laundry Capsules (12)


Now with new and improved formula! Twice as effective on tough odor. Smellwell Laundry Capsules contain a highly concentrated, pre-measured liquid detergent that effectively removes tough odors and hard-to-rid stains from synthetic activewear. High tech apparel will not only be smelling great but, also work better and last longer.

Swedish formula specifically developed for activewear and other funky laundry.
Eliminates unpleasant odors at the source and dissolves tough stains such as grass, dirt and sweat.
Protects technical fabrics. Use every second wash to restore performance and prevent buildup of bacteria and smell.
Certified with the EU Ecolabel, complying with the strictest environmental and health requirements.
Ultimately biodegradable and packaging made of recycled plastic.
Pre-dosed and practical - no risk of spillage and overdosing.
Mildly fragranced and effective from 30°C.
Works for all fabrics, even cotton. Do not use for silk and wool.


Use with apparel such as: workout shorts, tops and tights, sport bras, socks, football and hockey uniforms, base layers, cold weather gear, swimwear and much more.


Width: 15 cm
Height: 18 cm
Depth: 7 cm
Weight: 300 gram

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