Helly Hansen Icon 2.0 Men's Jacket-Black

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The Helly Hansen Icon 2.0 Men's Jacket in Black

When you think of an icon, it’s usually a sports hero or a movie star. Like Michael Jordan in basketball or Beyoncé in music, an icon represents perfection…someone to admire. The Icon Jacket aspires to this concept of perfection in the world of ski clothing. Moreover, here at Helly Hansen, the Icon Jacket serves as a leading jacket for the rest of our collection. Now, the Icon Jacket lives up to its name as it was recently awarded The Red Dot: Best of the Best Award. What makes a jacket transcend the norm and stand out amongst a sea of similar styles? The answer is in the details…and in the way that this jacket’s basic features provide bigger solutions.

Introducing the Icon Jacket
Bold and clean aesthetics in a futuristic design, the Icon Jacket stands out with distinctive design features. There are also familiar features to the Icon; with its foldaway hi vis brim it bears family resemblance with our ULLR freeride collection, both a visual signature and an important safety feature in low visibility. Yet still, there is more than meets the eye. Peek under the hood and find one of the Icon Jacket’s greatest features: the updated H²Flow™ technology.

H²Flow™ is a state of the art technology that works to keep you warm when it’s cool, but not overheated during intense activity. This system in the Icon Jacket has a tab that keeps the flaps open, allowing air to flow freely. Philip Tavell, Helly Hansen Category Managing Director for Ski, said he was inspired by a high performing sports car. In this case, the human body is the engine and we have to keep it cool. This inspiration led to the closed loop system that directs cool air to the back of the jacket: where the powerful muscles are concentrated. This is akin to the body’s engine, and the goal is to keep it from overheating. Depending on the user’s activity and the outside conditions, the Icon Jacket helps regulate temperatures accordingly.

The Magic is in the Details
In recent years, one thing has become apparent – from lift lines, chair lifts, and far into the backcountry: skiers rely on their phones. Unfortunately, cold weather results in shortened battery life, leaving countless skiers without their most needed accessory. Not only for grabbing the coolest photos for social media, the phone is also an important safety accessory, a dead one can sometimes be a safety hazard. This awareness led to the development of one of the Icon Jacket’s smallest, (yet quite possibly its hottest), feature: The Life Pocket+™.

In order to develop a warm pocket for keeping phones alive, the Helly Hansen team collaborated with long-time partner, PrimaLoft®. This collaboration led to the creation of one of the Icon’s most innovative components…a pocket. This special chest pocket is lined with an aerogel developed by NASA to protect electronics in space. Now, due to innovative construction and aerogel insulation, this inventive pocket is 3 times warmer than a regular outer chest pocket! Thanks to Life Pocket+™, every skier’s most ubiquitous piece of equipment can stay alive for longer days on the mountain.

What the Red Dot means to us
Winning the Red Dot: Best of the Best is a great validation of all of the Helly Hansen design team’s hard work. Yet beyond outside accolades, a pinnacle piece like the Icon Jacket inspires our own brand. Success is contagious and the Helly Hansen team is hungry for more. Ultimately, the effects of the Icon Jacket trickle down to the rest of the collection. This our most award-winning line ever. Further, many of the jackets will feature the Life Pocket™. The overarching agenda of providing ski gear that helps people #FeelAlive applies to the whole collection, but we’re glad that the Icon Jacket is getting the credit it deserves.

Helly Hansen Icon 2.0 Men's Jacket in Black
Helly Tech® Professional
2-ply fabric construction
4-way full stretch fabric
H2Flow™ temperature regulation system for optimal comfort
Life Pocket+ with PrimaLoft® Aerogel Insulation
Fully seam sealed
Waterproof, windproof and breathable
Durable Water Repellency (DWR)
Foldaway Hi vis brim
Laser cut exterior air pockets at back yoke
PrimaLoft® Gold
Fully insulated
RECCO® Advanced Rescue system

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